Sunday, 13 September 2009

13th September 2OO9

i swear i will fight until we're the last to stand, until it's you left holding my hand...

jolly days, mostly :
no more men til 2O1O.. tbh i don't have very much faith in myself,
so i doubt anyone else has :L
i'm already bored of being single.
i just want someone to cuddle up to, someone kind and lovely to watch a movie with every now and again.
and the problem is, i have these two lovely boys who really like me.. but i don't seem to like them.

why is it i only ever really, really like a boy if he doesn't like me?!
silly silly silly.

i know it'll all get better soon, maybe next month ;D
seeing as i'm grounded for the whole of this month cause i got caught at home, when i wasn't supposed to be there, in bed with hannah + dom.
i think she was annoyed cause i lied, and i was in bed with dom xD
aah well ;p it was worth it.

i can't be bothered to write down everything that's getting me down :L

Goodbye hebrews and shebrews b

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