Thursday, 30 April 2009

crazy ol' me

on my way home from ballet i saw someone from a drama thing i used to do. i was having a real big think about everything then i saw her and she is most possibly the wierdest most annoying person i have ever met. and it bought back memories of me and the boy that i liked trying to hold in our giggles as she talked about seeing ghosts and her half an hour toilet breaks. i suddenly realised that i didn't have to told in my giggles and i stood across the road, all alone and laughed my socks off. i looked crazy, and there were tears in my eyes but thankfully she didn't see me. then i decided to skip the rest of the way home. i am so glad i didn't see anyone cause i did look like i had issues... i think i've perked up a bit from earlier though so it's all good... xx

don't thursdays just suck?

funny old day it's been.
it's not even over yet, there's still the dreaded-stetchyourlegsaboveyourhead-ballet class to go.
and the spawn of the devil is downstairs. my mother's mother. the kind of woman who talks at you and doesn't actually care what you say, as long as it doesn't ruin the family's beloved reputation. grrrr..
bad moods eeh?
what's up with them?
everything seemed so nice when i woke up yesterday and this evening i'd quite like to run away and leave everything here.
this one boy who was the most important thing to me for like ten months has spent the last week ripping me cause of something i apperently did and it's driving me mad. i actually want to hit him, and i probably will by tomorrow.. now he's attempting to say sorry. grrrrrrrrr!
i'm so tired aswell, i went for a sleep when i got home... and watched flashdance ;)
it's the kind of tiredness that makes you wanna cry... how depressing.
had a singing lesson today :) always makes me happy... sang some phantom of the opera and cabaret. i wish i could do that all day long every day. the world would be a much happier place if we only had to do the things we love. i'd dance and sing and act and write pretty songs and eat mexican food and live in the countryside with occasional trips to paris and new york, and i'd make pretty dresses.
back to the boy ripping me situation: he just told me i'm no fun. do you think it would be a bit severe to tell him to go play in the road? hmmm..
ooh and he's just said *well enjoy ballet tonight. i hope a hippo sits on you*
i hate people like him. although i do like him... odd.
i give up. the temptation to pack a bag right now and leave is overwhelming.
nobody ever expects you to run away do they? i should really.
i don't think many people would care. i know that i wouldn't, but i should.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


why do we all get so bogged down in feelings? be happy.

second attempt at

my god this website is addictive. this one's better i think... i'm sure michelle will tell me ;]

psychic much? probably not...

right so here's my feeble attempt to get things off of my chest. i feel guilty. like really guilty. and it's stupid cause as far as i'm aware nobody got killed. jeez that's a bit ott ;] but it's hard to explain.. i feel like i'm wrecking people's emotions for my own happiness. for once i'm worrying about my own happiness, and it seems that it's affecting everyone! i sit in lessons and get glared at. i've always been the girl who got on with everyone, but now here i am with this boy who came into my life like a hurricane, but at the same time...he's seemed to have fixed everything. for me. now i've got all these sad people cause i can't keep control of what i'm doing and i get so confused... and i can't put into words what i'm trying to say here. i should be revising for gcse's. music to be precise. one fo the things i care about the most and i just cannot be bothered. i wish i had some company right now, like i wish my brother was still here to talk to... now that is really freaky because he just logged on msn. whoah i think i'm psychic... probably not. i'm gonna go back and stare at this music test now. i'll probably write again in like five minutes cause i'll get bored and think of something... byebye. p.s, i'm kinda this hoping bird flu kills us all. that'll teach us a lesson. xx

Sunday, 26 April 2009 ... you can actually compare meerkats!

so i did the polyvore blog thing. it's rubbish but it's mine ;]


Michelle told me to check this out :

we're slowly becoming blog obsessed..b

my obscene love situation

it's hard to get your head aroung the current love triangle (hexagon) there are about 12 people involved... but michelle will understand what i'm getting at cause we're both involved. still, it's a typical teenage thing so......

Saturday, 25 April 2009


hola.. yeah, i'm not actually spanish but it makes me look a little bit more interesting. i'm sat on my best friend's bed listening to jason mraz and watching her drown in her own fake tan. fun fun ;) it's a nice day today. the weather's shit. but i do love the rain, so yeah :) i woke up in a reaaaally good mood. might have something to do with the fact that i blagged myself a very gorgeous boyfriend last night :D i'm chuffed... also it was a good morning cause the simple life was on and i love my cheesey american crap tbh. and i ate sour cream and chive pringles and apple and rasperry J2O for breakfast, then jumped in the mum's boyfriend's car and drove to hannah's (the one with the fake tan). it's the first time we've seen each other in a while, so it's good to catch up and do the normal thing. man i'm crap at writing these things.. i end up rambling on for england. interesting fact......... ummmmmmmmmm, my belly button's really high. the friends call it a chest button. that's not interesting in the slightest. but it's one of the things that pop into my head when i thing of an interesting thing. i was born in new york. that IS an interesting fact.. i have one kidney. that's a bit odd though. i don't know what to say now. goodbye? goodbye it is then... goodbye. ;)