Wednesday, 12 May 2010

first blog in about 1000 years

i've got alot of feelings today, and i haven't blogged in a really long time.
i can't sleep. i'm in a really bad mood, when really, there's nothing to be upset about.

i liked this guy for ages, and somehow, like some heavenly bloody blessing, he likes me too, and we are now going out with each other.. and i've seen him every day for about three weeks :)
the problem is though, and i always used to discuss this with dan, when you really like someone, and you finally get them, the mysterious-ness is gone, and you can see all their flaws aswell.
but yeah, whatever.

i'm really annoyed at the human race at this current moment in time. my dear friend ashlyn hasn't been treated very nicely this evening and it really gets on my tits how humans are such selfish, arrogant dickheads.
why is it that is pains some people to let others be happy?
why do people have to stir and gossip?
grr. get high, chill out and laugh for god's sake.

somehow, i've managed to completely fall for my boyfriend in two weeks.
i refuse to believe it, cause i didn't even think it was possible.. but i feel so strongly for him, he's all i can think about, he's the only person i ever wanna see, and i'm always craving him.
he's moving away in the summer..
that's gonna tear me apart, i know it.

right now, i want enter shikari playing live in my bedroom, ash (: , some doughnuts and cuddles and kisses.
oh. and a new flipping phone. my phone's older than me, i swear. you can't even charge it without having to turn it off... look at me rambling on.

i wanna do some covers soon, skinny love and mr brightside i think..
i wish i could play guitar.
maybe i'll learn that, when i have money for lessons -_-

i'd like to know why it is that everytime i have a bath, i feel like i've been stabbed in the stomach..
my doctor tells me not to have bubble baths because i only have one kidney. now that just seems ridonkulous. fair enough, avoiding risks, but what the actual fuck?
... but, if anyone knows what this tummy thing's about, lemme know ;]

right, i think bedtime is what time it is.
i'm gonna stop with the 'goodbye hebrews and shebrews b'
i'll go with a simple: goodnight bloggers, much love xo

Saturday, 21 November 2009

raindrops on roses, and girls in white dresses. it's sleeping with roaches, and taking their guesses.

Hello there :)

this is quite possibly the most boring saturday since the dawn of time.

the highlight has been shaving my legs : ahaaaa

but i'm going to the boyf's tonight:) ..and tomorrow.

he is actually really very nice, but i'm sick of everyone telling me stuff that he's done/doing.

let me learn from myself, i want to be able to learn from my mistakes and get some fricking life experience :L

I had a nice evening yesterday, went to Ella's and planned secret santa.. also, we said all the places we'd like to go, and we all agreed on France, well yeah.. maybe, some day:/

But, Newquay looks nice, and Newquay is near:)

i think we shall all wait til we grow a little..

Hallowe'en was good, i've put on a picture of me and dom, a very important person to me (L)

i really don't have much to say.

i have fallen in love with Panic At The Disco again:)

since the last time i've written on here, i've had all my hair chopped off :

but yes, fu-fu-fu-fu-fuck this, there's nothing to say :L

Goodbye Hebrews & Shebrews b

Sunday, 25 October 2009

You my brown eyed girl (L)


i really wish i could just stick to *NO MORE MEN TIL 2O1O*

but it's difficult now, seeing as i have two dates this week :

and tbh, i don't think i like either of them

for a start, one comes with complications, including his psycho ex, who is in my year and is a bitch.. plus her best friend's a bitch too.

so i am currently being called lots of names (L)

god i love life.

me and dom said we'd go find perfect partners.

noone's ever gonna be perfect though..


goodbye hebrews and shebrews b

Sunday, 13 September 2009


It was a good night, to say the least.

13th September 2OO9

i swear i will fight until we're the last to stand, until it's you left holding my hand...

jolly days, mostly :
no more men til 2O1O.. tbh i don't have very much faith in myself,
so i doubt anyone else has :L
i'm already bored of being single.
i just want someone to cuddle up to, someone kind and lovely to watch a movie with every now and again.
and the problem is, i have these two lovely boys who really like me.. but i don't seem to like them.

why is it i only ever really, really like a boy if he doesn't like me?!
silly silly silly.

i know it'll all get better soon, maybe next month ;D
seeing as i'm grounded for the whole of this month cause i got caught at home, when i wasn't supposed to be there, in bed with hannah + dom.
i think she was annoyed cause i lied, and i was in bed with dom xD
aah well ;p it was worth it.

i can't be bothered to write down everything that's getting me down :L

Goodbye hebrews and shebrews b

Monday, 31 August 2009


if you're not close enough to someone, they won't wanna get with you cause they don't know you well enough.
if you're too close to someone, they won't wanna get with you cause they know you too well.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

i made a postsecret.

This is really depressing.
I feel I should explain.
I'd been thinking about this boy that I liked for about a year..
and just wondering what would have happened if I would have kissed him when I had the chance.
I'm glad I didn't, but I just wonder what if...
you know.

Well anyways, the night I nearly kissed him was at a superheroes party.
I had liked him for eight months at this point and it was the night before my birthday; 20-02-94.
He was dressed as Batman; I was dressed as Batgirl. Ironic eeh?