Saturday, 30 May 2009

Whoah happy day $Y

Monday, 25 May 2009


i went camping on the moors :)
i hit my head so hard on a rock that it jolted down my spine, i couldn't see properly and i went into shock.
i am so badly sunburnt that i screamed in the bath and i can't wear tops the right way..
i had such an ace time (:
we made a big fire and drank lots and climbed big rocks :L
and we watched the sunset and the magnificent stars and the sunrise.. good times tbh

i'm going to london tomorrow to see my brother, his wife and their baby dylan :)
it'll be goooooooooooood me thinks..

happy happy happy
goodbye hebrews & shebrews b

Saturday, 16 May 2009

i think i might hang myself tbh. :/

holly text me saying *these things come in threes, my friend just hung herself, who's next?*
my auntie hung herself last week.
you can imagine how depressed i've become..
i text back saying *me if this day gets any worse*
alot of things to make me angry
i haven't seen jack in a week.
my face is a mess.
my whole image is a mess.
i got really depressed yesterday by a pretty song and a few people.
i had nothing to do today.
i have a maths test on monday.
i feel fat and ugly.
i want to move far far away.
i wish i could play guitar.
i wish my dad was closer and i saw him more than one week every year.
i wish my brother was closer.
i wish i was an amazing singer.
i wish i was an amazing ballet dancer.
i hate plymouth.

on a much brighter note, eurovision song contest is bloody hilarious.. and i'm seeing jack tomorrow :) goodbye hebrews & shebrews b

& another thing..

why has every girl in my year now decided to start a blog? gohh i swear they're like sheep. i do hate it when people copy..b

even the heartbreak, even the way we made mistakes..

s a t u r d a y. 15:24, still in bed. nothing to get up for.. can't be bothered with anything. crap day. yesterday someone very very important to me played me a song that he thought was pretty by our favourite band. it was called lua by bright eyes. i remember last year,when we liked each other alot, he sent me a song called first day of my life by bright eyes and i sent him a song called technicolor eyes by backseat goodbye on the same day. He reminded me of this yesterday and it really depressed me... it made me realise how as soon as he moved on and found a girlfriend (who is just too nice tbh) i was kinda forced to do the same. :/ so now here i am, three weeks with a boy named jack, he has no idea i think all this.. cause i barely see him tbh. and i'm seeing this other boy every day and i know it's best not to but i can't stay away.
i have a songbook which is currently in my schoolbag. every single song is about that boy that is very very important to me.. i get by by hoping that one day he'll realise. knowing my luck, probably not.... goodbye hebrews & shebrews xxx

Sunday, 10 May 2009

i got ten minutes sleep last night. i'm crabby right now. i decided to do the usual at parties and watch the sunrise with tom, it's our thing and it always will be (: the sunrise was crap as always, but it was fun cause we talked about santa and dracula fighting and we snorted strange things from the kitchen. XD how mature. i can't really be bothered to say alot. life's good.. i'll attach some form of picture. i'll put one of me cause i'm vein like that. lol. goodbye hebrews & shebrews xx

Monday, 4 May 2009


i went for a lovely walk today, saltram with some nice people (: now i'm listening to jack's mannequin talking to some other nice people. i don't really know what to say. i'm not really in an emotional mood, i'm pretty happy tbh but not alot else. have you ever been alone in a crowded room? well i'm, here with you.. changed the song now, still jack's mannequin but now it's the mixed tape instead of dark blue. i tell you who i love, i love muse. i want their lyrics tattoed somewhere on my body and i am pretty much obsessed. if someone could buy me a ticket to see them live i will actually consider marrying them. and i'm all against marriage so that's a pretty big thing (; nothing else to say........... goodbye hebrews & shebrews. b

Sunday, 3 May 2009

the most stupid thing i've done today is deciding to eat these 7 pence jelly crystals from sainburys. yuk. they have the same texture as flesh. i feel like a vampire. i wish skin did taste like strawberry though.. :) spent the weekend with the boyfriend, met his friends, watched some movies, got my haircut, and now i'm eating these ghastly cheapy crappy jelly crystals. i woke up at like eight this morning to jack jumping out of bed to use the toilet. attractive. we then watched match of the day and he was impressed cause i didn't complain once. ;) now i'm listening to kids in glass houses, give me what i want... took a random walk to sainsburys today, took some pretty photos, bought some crappy food. tomorrow i shall go for a picnic i think :) ... much love xx

Friday, 1 May 2009

friday's blog.

considering i got a lovely boyfriend at the end of last week, this week's been shit. maybe it's cause i only saw him sunday and tonight... hmmm.. i've perked up a bit cause it's the weekend+ the bank holiday monday :) i've just eaten a tub of ben & jerrys aswell. brilliant for the healthy eating. i made my favourite picture yet, as you can see. got the news on, waiting for jonathon ross. i'm doing this wierd thing i always do that kinda makes me me. I HAVE THE TELLY ON MUTE AND SUBTITLES WHILST MUSIC IS PLAYING ON YOUTUBE :) it's one of my odd things like showering in the dark. i haven't alot to say today. i'm happy ... i found a nice website called , cute and simple... bit like me really XD all the love in the world xxxxx

i am obsessed. like totally.

My favourite...

i am obsessed.

another thing...