Saturday, 21 November 2009

raindrops on roses, and girls in white dresses. it's sleeping with roaches, and taking their guesses.

Hello there :)

this is quite possibly the most boring saturday since the dawn of time.

the highlight has been shaving my legs : ahaaaa

but i'm going to the boyf's tonight:) ..and tomorrow.

he is actually really very nice, but i'm sick of everyone telling me stuff that he's done/doing.

let me learn from myself, i want to be able to learn from my mistakes and get some fricking life experience :L

I had a nice evening yesterday, went to Ella's and planned secret santa.. also, we said all the places we'd like to go, and we all agreed on France, well yeah.. maybe, some day:/

But, Newquay looks nice, and Newquay is near:)

i think we shall all wait til we grow a little..

Hallowe'en was good, i've put on a picture of me and dom, a very important person to me (L)

i really don't have much to say.

i have fallen in love with Panic At The Disco again:)

since the last time i've written on here, i've had all my hair chopped off :

but yes, fu-fu-fu-fu-fuck this, there's nothing to say :L

Goodbye Hebrews & Shebrews b

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