Thursday, 11 June 2009

i'm a messssssssssssssss

lalalaaaa do not know what to say :/:/
talked to someone last night who is like my own psychologist tbh..
we discussed taking down *a shield* :L
tbh i don't really understand..
you know when you think so hard about yourself that you get really confused and you feel like you're gonna explode? well that happened and i'm sat in this strange daze with not alot to say or do. something about my childhood... lol i don't really understand. ummmmmm? i'm afraid to cry in front of people so i was told just to let go so that's what i'll do.
i'll voice my opinion, and not just the ones people should hear.. i'll say things i should never say!
who knows..
goodbye hebrews and shebrews b

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