Saturday, 25 July 2009

dang' it's been a while since i wrote on here..

much has changed.
things are sooooo much better :)

i was with a boy.
he was a knob, cheated on me..
broke up with me.
he's gone ;)

now i know a guy who three weeks ago i thought just looked nice :)
and now i see him quite alot and it's going good..
slowly, but good.

i haven't seen very much of some of my good friends,
i guess this kinda sucks, but i think i'm moving on :)
i've spent more time with a different crowd lately,
who really look after me and don't put me down.
for now, i am happy.

i have a party on friday, that should be good (Y)
this time in two weeks i will be in new york.
this time in one week i will be getting ready to go to dublin to see my daddy :)

i'm so happy :D:D:D:D

goodbye hebrews and shebrews b

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