Tuesday, 28 April 2009

psychic much? probably not...

right so here's my feeble attempt to get things off of my chest. i feel guilty. like really guilty. and it's stupid cause as far as i'm aware nobody got killed. jeez that's a bit ott ;] but it's hard to explain.. i feel like i'm wrecking people's emotions for my own happiness. for once i'm worrying about my own happiness, and it seems that it's affecting everyone! i sit in lessons and get glared at. i've always been the girl who got on with everyone, but now here i am with this boy who came into my life like a hurricane, but at the same time...he's seemed to have fixed everything. for me. now i've got all these sad people cause i can't keep control of what i'm doing and i get so confused... and i can't put into words what i'm trying to say here. i should be revising for gcse's. music to be precise. one fo the things i care about the most and i just cannot be bothered. i wish i had some company right now, like i wish my brother was still here to talk to... now that is really freaky because he just logged on msn. whoah i think i'm psychic... probably not. i'm gonna go back and stare at this music test now. i'll probably write again in like five minutes cause i'll get bored and think of something... byebye. p.s, i'm kinda this hoping bird flu kills us all. that'll teach us a lesson. xx

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