Thursday, 30 April 2009

don't thursdays just suck?

funny old day it's been.
it's not even over yet, there's still the dreaded-stetchyourlegsaboveyourhead-ballet class to go.
and the spawn of the devil is downstairs. my mother's mother. the kind of woman who talks at you and doesn't actually care what you say, as long as it doesn't ruin the family's beloved reputation. grrrr..
bad moods eeh?
what's up with them?
everything seemed so nice when i woke up yesterday and this evening i'd quite like to run away and leave everything here.
this one boy who was the most important thing to me for like ten months has spent the last week ripping me cause of something i apperently did and it's driving me mad. i actually want to hit him, and i probably will by tomorrow.. now he's attempting to say sorry. grrrrrrrrr!
i'm so tired aswell, i went for a sleep when i got home... and watched flashdance ;)
it's the kind of tiredness that makes you wanna cry... how depressing.
had a singing lesson today :) always makes me happy... sang some phantom of the opera and cabaret. i wish i could do that all day long every day. the world would be a much happier place if we only had to do the things we love. i'd dance and sing and act and write pretty songs and eat mexican food and live in the countryside with occasional trips to paris and new york, and i'd make pretty dresses.
back to the boy ripping me situation: he just told me i'm no fun. do you think it would be a bit severe to tell him to go play in the road? hmmm..
ooh and he's just said *well enjoy ballet tonight. i hope a hippo sits on you*
i hate people like him. although i do like him... odd.
i give up. the temptation to pack a bag right now and leave is overwhelming.
nobody ever expects you to run away do they? i should really.
i don't think many people would care. i know that i wouldn't, but i should.

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