Thursday, 30 April 2009

crazy ol' me

on my way home from ballet i saw someone from a drama thing i used to do. i was having a real big think about everything then i saw her and she is most possibly the wierdest most annoying person i have ever met. and it bought back memories of me and the boy that i liked trying to hold in our giggles as she talked about seeing ghosts and her half an hour toilet breaks. i suddenly realised that i didn't have to told in my giggles and i stood across the road, all alone and laughed my socks off. i looked crazy, and there were tears in my eyes but thankfully she didn't see me. then i decided to skip the rest of the way home. i am so glad i didn't see anyone cause i did look like i had issues... i think i've perked up a bit from earlier though so it's all good... xx

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