Sunday, 26 July 2009

gap in the fence (:

I lie here

Staring up at the stratosphere

And hoping we're

Gonna get out of here

It seems mad

That we're all born on the doorstep

Of squalor and of pedestals

And I lie here

Surrounded by a range of general anesthetics

To drowse the fact

That funding in 'security'

Is not matched by spreading equality

You'll hear us singing...

In the sunlight where you caught us

Plotting the downfall of hoarders

Every gap in the fence

We'll peek, we'll scratch, we'll stretch, we'll grab anything we can.

But if we grouped together

And made a bigger hole

Not just for our childrens hands

But for bigger plans

Cos I don't know about you

But I've gotta get out of here

We live so subserviently

Accepting all normality

Drenched with routine

Doused in the foreseen

And yes, granted we do prosper.

But the fact that we prosper

Is even taken for granted.

the prettiest enter shikari song; in world

i was reading ashlyn's blog and she said something really pretty..

Dan writes his poetry.

Jack writes his heart.

Michelle writes her feelings.

Becky writes her mind.

it's very true. i'm good at writing utter nonsense.. cause that's what my mind/life is.

to be honest i wouldn't want it any other way.

Sunday today.

Sundays are useless.

my best friend is having a blazing row with her boyfriend and i can't seem to say the right things..

it will really be a shame if they break up.

but life goes on.

cba to go out.

i've turned into the laziest teenager ever.

it's all these late nights, but then again i've always preferred nights.

all the good things happen at night,

you can get drunk and dance and sing down the street (L)

that's never as good in the day.

you can snuggle up in bed and kiss someone gorgeous.

that's never as good in the day.

you can watch the stars.

that's never as good in the day.. ;)

well here goes another week of summer holidays..

dunno what i shall do, said i'd see climo tomorrow,

sophie tuesday,

probably amy dom and pricey at some point..


although she text saying she's really ill which worries the shit out of me :( :(

party on friday.

dublin on sunday..

i hope nothing changes whilst i'm away.

probably will though :/

goodbye hebrews and shebrews b

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