Wednesday, 29 July 2009


it rained all day today.
i freaking love rain.
shame noone else does :/

my week so far;
monday.. watched charlie skate (:
alot funner than it sounds cause he is wicked (Y)
tuesday.. pricey's and town (:
it was a really dreary day but it was nice company..
apart from walking home, where it was scary and i cut my finger on a leaf.. WHICH REALLY HURTS!
wednesday.. stayed in, did some more to my picture of everyone (L) sorted out my music.. dull. lovely lazy day, talked to charlie and pricey.. then hannah popped in and we got perfec' pizza and cookie dough ice creeaaam (:
now she's fallen asleep in my ever so comfy double bed ;p

the rest of the week;
thursday.. MADDIE. missed her more than anything tbh.. lots of gossip to catch up on and whatnot. that'll be larverly!
friday.. PARTAYPARTAYPARTAY. cannay' wait.. it's gonna be a goodunn i think, and hope (L)

this summer holidays has been really really good (Y)
can only get better aswell, what with dublin and new york.

goodbye hebrews and shebrews b

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