Friday, 1 May 2009

friday's blog.

considering i got a lovely boyfriend at the end of last week, this week's been shit. maybe it's cause i only saw him sunday and tonight... hmmm.. i've perked up a bit cause it's the weekend+ the bank holiday monday :) i've just eaten a tub of ben & jerrys aswell. brilliant for the healthy eating. i made my favourite picture yet, as you can see. got the news on, waiting for jonathon ross. i'm doing this wierd thing i always do that kinda makes me me. I HAVE THE TELLY ON MUTE AND SUBTITLES WHILST MUSIC IS PLAYING ON YOUTUBE :) it's one of my odd things like showering in the dark. i haven't alot to say today. i'm happy ... i found a nice website called , cute and simple... bit like me really XD all the love in the world xxxxx

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