Saturday, 16 May 2009

i think i might hang myself tbh. :/

holly text me saying *these things come in threes, my friend just hung herself, who's next?*
my auntie hung herself last week.
you can imagine how depressed i've become..
i text back saying *me if this day gets any worse*
alot of things to make me angry
i haven't seen jack in a week.
my face is a mess.
my whole image is a mess.
i got really depressed yesterday by a pretty song and a few people.
i had nothing to do today.
i have a maths test on monday.
i feel fat and ugly.
i want to move far far away.
i wish i could play guitar.
i wish my dad was closer and i saw him more than one week every year.
i wish my brother was closer.
i wish i was an amazing singer.
i wish i was an amazing ballet dancer.
i hate plymouth.

on a much brighter note, eurovision song contest is bloody hilarious.. and i'm seeing jack tomorrow :) goodbye hebrews & shebrews b

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