Saturday, 16 May 2009

even the heartbreak, even the way we made mistakes..

s a t u r d a y. 15:24, still in bed. nothing to get up for.. can't be bothered with anything. crap day. yesterday someone very very important to me played me a song that he thought was pretty by our favourite band. it was called lua by bright eyes. i remember last year,when we liked each other alot, he sent me a song called first day of my life by bright eyes and i sent him a song called technicolor eyes by backseat goodbye on the same day. He reminded me of this yesterday and it really depressed me... it made me realise how as soon as he moved on and found a girlfriend (who is just too nice tbh) i was kinda forced to do the same. :/ so now here i am, three weeks with a boy named jack, he has no idea i think all this.. cause i barely see him tbh. and i'm seeing this other boy every day and i know it's best not to but i can't stay away.
i have a songbook which is currently in my schoolbag. every single song is about that boy that is very very important to me.. i get by by hoping that one day he'll realise. knowing my luck, probably not.... goodbye hebrews & shebrews xxx

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  1. i love both of those songs..
    & this is a rather beautiful blog
    i'm sorry for being nosey :) x