Sunday, 3 May 2009

the most stupid thing i've done today is deciding to eat these 7 pence jelly crystals from sainburys. yuk. they have the same texture as flesh. i feel like a vampire. i wish skin did taste like strawberry though.. :) spent the weekend with the boyfriend, met his friends, watched some movies, got my haircut, and now i'm eating these ghastly cheapy crappy jelly crystals. i woke up at like eight this morning to jack jumping out of bed to use the toilet. attractive. we then watched match of the day and he was impressed cause i didn't complain once. ;) now i'm listening to kids in glass houses, give me what i want... took a random walk to sainsburys today, took some pretty photos, bought some crappy food. tomorrow i shall go for a picnic i think :) ... much love xx

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